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Study sponsored by Department of Transport looking for people who have been caught drink driving to take part in telephone interview. More details here.

exonerating circumstances


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firstly my partner was over the drink drive limit she had been to local club she came home normally she also took a zolpidem sleeping tablet which she is prescribed and was getting ready for bed to cut a long story short she then recieved a phone call from stepdaughter who informed my partner that my son was in the pub he at the time was accused of rape since been exonerated but partner believed his accuser would go to the pub and frankly get him sent to prison so she somehow jumped in the car to bring him home and on the next street to us crashed our car into rear of a van she has never been convicted or drove drunk before the story is longer but i tried to type down the basics


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forgot to add wondering if my brief description of events if put to the court by a solicitor in more detail have any chance of a lighter sentence thanks
The court can consider the circumstances of the offence as well as the background of the offender (your partner) when determining sentence. It is therefore important to outline the reasons why the offence has taken place - not as an excuse but as a reason. It may be of assistance to instruct a solicitor to represent her at court. You can contact our team on 0333 200 9843