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Early return of licence


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I am currently serving a 30 month ban for my second drink drive offence. I got 40 months originally, with the course which I did this reduces it to 30 months. I will have served 2 years of this sentence mid June, just wondering what if any the chances of me having my licence returned early? due to get my licence back in January if I dont apply for the early return.

Also, what would I have to do to have my licence returned early? Thanks
Applying for the early return of your licence will only be possible if you have not been ordered to re-take your driving test. As long as you were not ordered by the Court to re-take your driving test, after serving two years of the disqualification, you can make an application to the Court for the early removal of the driving disqualification.

The application must be made in writing to the Court that imposed the disqualification. The threshold to obtain your licence back early is high so you will need to have strong arguments to persuade the Court. The Court will consider the circumstances surrounding the original offence, any relevant previous convictions, your personal character, the impact of the disqualification specifically in relation to your employment, family and health as well as anything else that may be relevant to your case.