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Hi so in 2014 I was caught drink driving. It was a first offence and I was banned for 25 months. I recently started the 're application process and it became clear very quickly that the DVLA are an organisational nightmare. I was originally told my licence would be £65 and woukd take 2 weeks then i r3cived a letter stating it would be 90 as i was a High risk offender. Can't argue with that so I paid it and then revived a letter saying I needed a medical and this was another £96 and had 6 weeks to complete this.

Unfortunately their doctor did not have an appointment available for 8 weeks so I had to arrange for the DVLA to send my details to a different doctor. I then had the medical which was actualy £130 and waited for the dvla to get the results i am not a heavy drinker and never have been the incident when I was caught was a one off so I was not worried about the test. To be on the safe side I abstained from all alcohol for 6 weeks before the test anyway.

2 weeks later I got a letter saying they are writing to my gp. They will not tell me why or what they want to know and neither can my gp. From what I gather they are looking for evidence of alcohol misuse. Now I had a liver function test in August which should go in my favour as it was normal (had for non alcohol related reasons) but around the same time I was having some issues with anxiety I had split up with my partner was going through a custody battle with my ex partner had to move house and my grandmother died all in the space of a week and at the time I commented to the doctor that I was not sleeping at night and could I please have nothing to help as my current solution of having a stiff drink before bed was not very healthy. She prescribed some tablets I took them for a couple of weeks and then life settled down again.

Will this go against me and if reused do I have any grounds for appeal. As I have since landed my perfect job but they require me to have a licence and if the DVLA refuse it I will lose my job and subsequently my home and have to move again. I do not know if I'm over thinking things and every thread I find for someone in a similar position on any forum seems to have been removed and there is just no information available. What do the DVLA consider misuse. If they consider the above misuse is that grounds for refusal or does it need to be persistent misuse. If so what is their definition of persistent misuse. Thank you for your assistance in this matter in advance
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The DVLA definition of alcohol misuse can be found here:

The definition is a wide one and the DVLA have a wide range of resources open to them in assisting with determining whether they believe that misuse is present. That said, you will be entitled to request the DVLA file if they make such a determination. Any appeal would have to have medical merit to it. This sort of matter cannot be overcome by pleading personal hardship in the event of a licence revocation. It is a scenario that can only be challenged if there is merit to the argument. In the event that a negative response is forthcoming from the DVLA I would advise you contact us to discuss matters in relation to options moving forward.
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