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Study sponsored by Department of Transport looking for people who have been caught drink driving to take part in telephone interview. More details here.



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Ok phoned the dvla today about refusing my licence,Explained i have not been to the doctors in over 2 years so to say i was drink dependant by my doctor was just bloody daft. Anyway asked what was the best way to go about getting it resolved.

1) Advised me to put a letter in writing then photo it and email it to the dvla explaining my situation
2) Explained that i had under gone counselling a couple of years ago due to stress and the need to feel like drinking but no medication was ever given,Her reply was to get any medical evidence together and forward it to the dvla and would help my case and they would look at it again
3) Phoned my counselling service who i used and they told me i was signed off 18 months ago as no longer needing any help
4) popped in to the doctors and they gave me the exact date in writing when i was last seen by the GP

So now begins the process of proving i am not drink dependant by getting as much stuff/medical evidence together to support my case


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Nice one but although the nice Secretary has given the best advice it's the medical examiner that will decide your case along with the other 50 he studies that day. Your GP will most definitely be prompted for further questioning in the form of an M2, they will be asking for your last drink and how often you drank which they now request 6yrs history , if there's any notion of dependency and u state your in control of drinking ie only a tipple on XXX night there's a good chance they will still revoke your licence as they clearly state you must have medical backed up evidence which must come from your GP & any mention of dependency is now abstinence for life!

Now that's the alarmist part past, let's say your catagorise d missuse or binge instead of regular and you explain your last drink was over 6 months ago (but you still no evidence) they might allow you a temperory 1 year licence but in all honesty it can still be a lottery and each medical examiner differs
Interesting to find out your results though?