DVLA Medical tomorrow - advice please

I have my DVLA medical tomorrow. I am a binge drinker and usually drink one to two bottles of prosecco every ten days. I have booked and changed appointments,and had one appointment cancelled last minute.So I am not as positive as I have been in the past about passing but I am going to do it anyway.

I do have a few questions:

Do they just look at the CDT levels. Does cocaine affect these levels?

I crashed my car when I was charged with D/D but do I admit this on the form? I have a DR10 conviction.

Also where it says consent and declaration am I giving them permission to tell my Doctor whether I pass or not?

I have never been to the Dr for drinking issues or anything else.

I had a mid forties blood test last year and was able to abstain for about 4 weeks so why I cannot do this now is beyond me. My LFT was ok. I stupidly did not ask for a CDT test as I did not know about it. I wish they had talked about this more at the Awareness Course.

Also due to the apprehension of this medical ( I have a massive needle phobia) and the weather my chest has been playing up and my Mother gave me a Ventolin inhaler which I have been using. Should I put this on the form as if they check with my Doctor they will see that they have not prescribed an inhaler to me for years?

Now my husband has just come home have been at work all night and forgot about my appointment tomorrow and will be out until this time tomorrow morning so there is no-one to take my son into school .


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From what I understand not drinking for about 12 weeks sets the cdt levels back to normal, although it can show them if you are a binge drinker or dependent on alcohol as it will show them stuff over a six month period, how I do not know this is just what I have read, this is why I have stayed off alcohol for six months by the time my medical comes round I wouldn't worry to much because if they are amber they will normally contact your doctor and if they have never said you need to cut back or need help with alcohol they will say there is no problem, Hope this helps and good luck. could you tell me how much your medical cost please
The only thing the blood test is used for is to test the CDT reading. There is no cocaine test unless the questionnaire replies indicates cocaine use.
If your indicated alcohol use is correct then you should have no problem passing the CDT test.
if you were involved in a crash when you were done for drink driving then you should say this on the form. Anywhere where you are not honest on the form and DVLA find out, it will count against you in the application to get your licence back.
The consent bit isn’t for them to routinely inform your doctor of the medical, but your consent for them to contact your doctor if they feel that the medical is inconclusive and they want further details.
i don’t think that the ventolin inhaler is relevant to the medical but it might be wise to get one prescribed for you, rather than rely on someone else’s!
As to your daughter and school, what is plan B if you are ill? Neighbour to take her? Do the school have a breakfast club so you could drop her off early? Could a neighbour baby sit till your husband gets in and say that she is late due to a medical appointment? (True, but you don’t have to say what it is for) That is a minor problem compared to the importance of getting your licence back.......
one other thing, when you have your licence back, if you drink 2 bottles of prosecco in an evening, you will still be over the limit the next morning so be careful.
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Do you know how much the medical is as I will need to book one in a couple of months and can not seem to find this out anywhere. Thanks
It varies slightly, but it is about £96-98. Some of the larger testing places stick VAT on top of that though.
Thank you for responding Price. I have done the test. It cost £98.50. 35 minutes in total. I said yes to the crash simply because he gave a speech about not telling the truth etc. and to be honest that is how I got arrested for D/D. Now it is a waiting game. I will update as soon as I know.
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