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DVLA medical questionnaire - medical history concerns


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Hi, does anybody have a link to the actual DVLA medical questionnaire as I can not find it on the .gov site

I am looking at a 12 to 36 months ban for failure to provide and I am concerned my medical history will be requested from my GP by the DVLA as I have sort help for binge drinking and depression

Is this the case and if so how can I prove when ban ends that I am fit to drive and have no issues?
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Here is a link to the questionnaire:

The issue about DVLA contacting your doctor will depend on the answers to these questions, and even if they raise no problems, on the result of the CDT test on your blood sample. A result of 3% or above will get you a refusal to have your licence back for 12 months. 2.3-2.9% will trigger an enquiry with your doctor but even under that they may make enquiries if they see fit to do so.


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I am not drinking so the cdt test wont be a problem, more concerned with the question about accident and previous drinking problems.

should I keep gp involved with my progress regularly perhaps having appointments to discuss and having tests (dont know which tests would prove this though)

I wondered if anyone can help on my question I have on mylicence application as a high risk offender being refused for another 6 monthsafter my ban had finished.
I have been living a nightmare since I got a 28 month ban inJune 2016 (reduced to 21 months after I did the awareness course) and 200 hourscommunity service. Trust me, I have learned my lesson.
I went for my medical in May 18 and then got a letter to saythe DVLA were going to my GP for additional information which I was surprisedat as I wasn’t drinking and thought the reason they did this was a high CDTreading?? I then got a letter to say my licence had been refused subject to meproving controlled drinking for 6 months.
Having requested all the documents, I found that my CDT wasonly 1.3%.
My doctor had ticked that I had controlled drinking for 4months (really did not agree with this) and that I was on anti-depressants.
I have now done 5 out of the 6 additional months and I canapply on 5[SUP]th[/SUP] November 18.
I am concerned that I will be refused again. I have spokento my GP about this twice and he had no idea how he can help prove I havecontrolled drinking for 6 months. He does not think that routine CDT testingwill help as my CDT results were so low first time around.
I have also contacted the DVLA many times but all they sayis that I need to show my blood results have returned to normal, I amstruggling with this as they were normal last time.
Can anyone help me with this? Has anyone out there been inthis situation and can advise me on what to do??
Is it that they might accept my application this time aroundor should I be expecting another medical with blood test and then possiblyanother request to my GP for additional information??
I have no idea what to expect and I am desperate to get mydriving licence back.
Thank you.


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Daisy, it might be best to start your own thread, but the simple answer is to speak to your GP.

With any HRO offender they are looking for not only you satisfying the CDT test, which can be fooled by a relative brief period of sobriety, but also a long term view that you are no longer dependent on alcohol and thus, by definition, more likely that you will drink when you know you have to drive.

Unfortunately with a DD conviction statistically you are more likely to reoffend. Because of that, any concern about alcohol from your GP will be taken seriously, bearing in mind that even without a DD conviction the DVLA will investigate.

If your GP agrees that there are no issues with your alcohol consumption, and your CDT is fine, there is no reason why they should not grant your licence, You may want to ask them to record your alcohol consumption, in units a week, onto your health record to cover all bases.
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