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I am currently applying for my licence back after being banned for my second drink driving offence.
During my ban my drinking has ran away with me, drink 8 cans of lager most nights before stopping 3 weeks ago ready for my medical (and for my health!!)

In April 2016 I was diagnosed with depression and mentioned to my doctor I was drinking excessively whilst in the appointment.

Do I need to declare this on the medical questionnaire as the reason I went to the doctor was depression not alcohol dependence?!

Also is this likely to affect my chance of getting my licence back if they speak to my gp?




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chances are he will have noted that on your records and it will end up on the dvla questionnaire that the GP fills out about you as it was in the last 3 its up to you and a risk you take.

what you have to show is this was not happening in the last 12 months.

and they will definitely speak to your GP


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Thanks for your reply.
I haven’t spoken to my gp about anything alcohol related in 18months will that be enough?

Do they always write to the gp?


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They ask about any alcohol misuse/dependence over the last 3 years I believe. So with that understanding you should answer yes if you consider it to be misuse 🤔
I can't link to the actual questionnaire as I'm on my phone and rubbish!
From what I can gather they will contact your GP if you score in the amber zone for CDT testing (above 2.2%) or if you state on the questionnaire that you have previously misused/been dependant on alcohol or drugs. I have also read accounts of the DVLA contacting GPs despite a green result for CDT and answering no to all questions. There seems to be no set rules or protocols in that respect


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The when you complete your licence application if you answer yes to any question they will require you to complete a medical questionaire which has the authority form for them to contact your GP, if they do not ask you to complete this and you have not completed one at the medical giving them the signed authority form they should not be contacting your gp as your gp can not disclose any information without that consent form.
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