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DVLA Medical...I got my License back (sort of).

I had a medical in late March, after a month I got my license back!

My advise is NOT to give false answers on the Medical form. I made a mistake on one question. A few days later I got it rectified because my GP gave me a copy of the history with my alcohol issues in the last 3 years. - (The DVLA heavily relies on your GP to give the medical report - thus cross referenced to what you answered on the questionnaire)!

Prior to the medical I had a struggle to get an appointment from my GP to get the info (many weeks waiting time, even could not get time off from work to meet unusual times)! I contacted DVLA and mentioned I need to add an update on the medical - so I emailed the stuff.

I believe this really helped - otherwise on the Questionnaire it mentions about providing false information & prosecution - super worried during the duration!

I haven't had any alcohol for many many Months, I'm still clean now and intend to keep going.

They Issued me a 1 year license and I will have to take another medical next year. Still I'm pleased.

Hope this helps?
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