DVLA Medical - CDT results

Hi All,
Im new here, just found this site as I was reading up on some stuff.

In 2013 - August got caught , didn't supply a specimen and got an 18 month ban, with a CDT test before I can get my license back.
Did the time, applied for a medical, long story short the result was 14.9% - lol

I was told by the doctor if I was drinking 4-6 units a day I should still be well within the 3% to pass - He also said anything more than 9% ish was deemed to be your last few weeks to live. That was 2 years ago, Im 40, active, and lead a normal life, although I do like a drink after work.

Phoned DVLA about a year ago, they said now Ive had a reading so high I need to a years abstinence before they will send me for another DVLA medical.....?

Point is I have no history at the doctors for anything, never mind drinking abuse lol

My questions are -

1.Is there some kind of appeal process based on how high the reading was ? ie It obviously in my opinion was a mis reading (is this possible)

2.As I have no history of any drink abuse with any GP - and I wasn't actually convicted of drink driving, so as far as the court is concerned I could of been sober but refused to do the test for some other reason?

3.Where do I go from here?

Any advice appreciated.

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