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Dvla medical blood and urine

Hi all im new here and not to proud to be i was charged with a fail to provide and have been banned on the 21/3/17 for 18 months reduced to 14 with the dd awarness course.

I have spoken to dvla who have clarifed i will have to take a medical my question is i have smoked weed for the last 5 years on a daily basis 1-2 joints a day and also 3-4 beers a night so im thinking my body is going to look pretty shot on the medical even though it is a year away what would be the best advice you can offer in regards to passing i was thinking to knock both on the head around the end of the year so im ready for 2018 and the medical around march next year.
Why wait till the end of the year? The medical is not a punishment, it is an assessment of your fitness to drive and you can start to do something health wise whenever you want. It might be quite a shock to your system to give both up at once and that could make you struggle to pass.

Why not try having 1-2 alcohol free days per week now, then gradually build do not actually have to stop drinking to pass the medical, two or 3 beers twice a week will still see you pass.
Thanks for the reply prince im am starting to stop the alcohol now as i dnt actually need a beer i just chose to drink after work but regards to the weed i find it really hard if i dont have a joint thats were im going to struggle and beleive that they are going to ask for a urine test as it was a fail to provide is there a limit as to what cam be in your system or do they have a 0% tolorence on cannabis
If a driver tests positive for having more than 2µg of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol, or THC (the active compound found in cannabis), per 100ml of blood, then this is considered a positive test, and is likely to lead to prosecution. I am not sure there is an actual limit for the medical.
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Thanks for the reply ill be orderimg a few kits to see how much i actually have in my urine and how quick i can detox as i have a very fast metabolism and ride 6miles a day so should lose it fairly quick
Hi all for any one who's still reading this post I'm due to get my license back on the 17th may 2018 I have stopped smoking and reduced my drinking with two weeks off the drink completely I had a cdt score or 1% and after 6 weeks this Monday I am still testing positive for cannabis in a urine test just a update for any one who's wondering I shall keep this post updated when I go for the medical
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