DVLA medical advice

I have mine coming up on the 30th of April but I go on holiday on the 15 for a week!
What’s the best advice for drinking? Or should I just not drink at all? What’s the limit that I could get away with. I’m currently not drinking now and I drink most weekends. Maybe twice a week in total I will have a week before my medical by the time I get home is it worth risking or will my cdt levels be through the roof? Or can you say you have been on holiday and they take that into consideration??
There will be no allowance on the CDT result for ‘being on holiday.’
Will it ruin your holiday if you only drink 14-21 units? If someone is only drinking that amount, they can do that up to the day of the medical, you do not have to fully abstain to pass. If you plan to fully indulge in a drinking holiday then you would be as well to put the medical off, but will this delay you getting your licence back?
Look at it this way, you LIKE a drink, you NEED your licence back. Which is more important to you?
I get my license back on the 10th of May so putting it off isn’t an option. Is that over the week? So a few drinks here an there wouldn’t affect the results massively? I don’t intend on going out heavy drinking 24/7 but would a few nights out hurt? Also I’m taking milk thistle! And liver cleansing tablets too
Yes, that is over a week, but remember it is not 14-21 drinks as, say, a 250ml glass of wine will have 3 units or even a bit more in each one.
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