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I am seeking advice as I am due to reply for my driving licence and fall within the HRO catergory. I plan to apply to the DVLA and abstain from drinking as of the 3rd April 2018 to mid June. Prior to the incident i had due to a failed relationship been drinking heavily and am worried I will fail the test as a result. Will not drinking for a few weeks be enough? Can I go to my GP and explain I want a CDT test in preparation to reapplying for my licence or will this go against me. Would 8- 12 weeks of not drinking assist me or should I go 3 months without drinking ? Does taking Mike Thistle help and does it show up in the test ?

Many thanks
On the timescale you have shown, you should be fine, even if you were drinking heavily before.
you can get a private CDT test done to satisfy your curiosity, but if you ask your doctor, and DVLA ask your doctor about your drinking history it might be better that you asking for a CDT test does not show up.
A firm called Medichecks advertise on here, and they will do a postal CDT test for £79. It is up to you if you think that spending that much is worth the extra reassurance.
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