DVLA - easier to get hold of the Pope currently

Convicted Driver Insurance


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Just wondering if anyone has any magical way of getting hold of them?

non HRO waiting for license to be returned - now over 5 weeks..

tried the phone on 03007906801 and their new webchat, the phone is either engaged or plays u a terse message before cutting you off and the chatbot gets to the point of transferring you to a human before bailing with a message about how busy they are.


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Hi James, when did you send in the form?
initially early March, they returned it asking me to correct the errors, though were very vague on what the errors actually were, I sent back a new D1 and the last I've heard was an acknowledgement from the post office that it has been signed for.

I've tried to get through just to clarify it had not got lost or otherwise gone array and it's proving nigh on impossible to speak to anyone.
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