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Hi I'm hoping you can help.

I was pulled over on the 30/05/2020 for having my brother in law in the car with me. I was asked about where he lived due to covid rules. I gave the reasons why he was in the car with me and the police officer was satisfied with my reasons. He then proceeded to do a PNC check on me, this showed that I had a previous for possession of a class A drug going back to 2011. He then asked me to enter his vehicle and proceeded to do a swab test on me. This showed I had cannabis in my system. I was then taken to the police station for blood testing (I don't recall being read my rights at all).

I am now being summoned to court of the 12/10/2020. The notice has my DOB completely wrong and I don't quite understand the charges as they have been written "you drove a motor vehicle, namely as a silver Volvo, on a road, namely castle Street, when the proportion of a controlled drug, namely THC, in your blood, namely not less than 2.8ug/L, exceeded the specified limit"

Does this mean my bloods showed 2.8ug/L or is this a another mistake and is meant to show 2.0ug/L.

I have not been sent the lab results to confirm this.

I have previous for possession and have been disqualified from driving a few times and driving whilst disqualified but this was nearly 20 years ago.

I am petrified of a custodial sentence. I have 5 children under the age of 8, one of whom is disabled and I care for along side my wife.

Please help
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