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Hi today I had a dvla medical test for someone’s reporting me for fitness to drive I have never been caught smoking whilst driving. Which I don’t. The question they asked in the medical was when did you first smoke cannabis I said 2016 and I said I smoked it weekly. But I have stopped smoking cannabis since March 26th 2019. So that is 4 months plus. They did a urine test and checked my blood pressure (blood pressure was good) they have sent off my samples of urine to be tested will I lose my license or will I still have my license due to saying I smoked cannabis weekly and from 2016 but I was not driving. I have stopped like I said from March 26th 2019.
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If the DVLA consider you to have been either dependent on or misusing cannabis within the last 6 months then they may take the decision to revoke your licence until there is sustained evidence of abstinence. The DVLA do not need evidence that you might have been driving after using cannabis to take the decision to revoke your licence, but there must be an evidential basis of either misuse or dependency on cannabis for them to legitimately take this action.
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