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I had been pulled over back in February, swabbed, and came back postive for cannabis. I've had the court letter and even though it had been roughly 17 - 18 hours since the last smoke, which was the previous night, I still had 6.4 ug/l of THC in my blood. Is there any advice that can be given?
Thank you for your response.
I just have no idea how to navigate this, what happens. If there is anything i can do given the time period between smoking and being tested, or am i facing a certain ban? The court I'm due to appear at is an Anticipated Guilty Plea Court if that makes any difference.

Unless you hire specialist lawyers to work on a defence for you the most likely scenario is a guilty plea. The time difference would not be a factor.

You can hire a lawyer to speak for you on a guilty plea to try and keep the punishment and disqualification low or represent yourself and explain your mitigation. Either way on a guilty plea you are looking at some kind of punishment and a disqualification.

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