drug driving samples and medication

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I just had a question i hope can be answered.
In the case of a drug driving blood sample for cannabis i have read the sample must be stored correctly and in due time due to adverse effects which could effect the reading. My question is if a sample is to be left out for example at room temperature for a while ( 1 week?... 1 month?... 3 months ? ) what effect will this have on the thc in the blood sample if any? the sample being sealed ofcourse. Will this reduce THC in the blood? increase it ? or have no effect at all? Thank you in advance.

My Second question is if someone is on anti biotics for tooth pain will this have any adverse effect on readings of swabs?. I have been told this may infact void a case for drug driving on the basis of being on mediciation such as anti biotics.

All help appreciated thank you in advance

I'm afraid that these are questions that will have to be directed to a forensic toxicologist as these questions are more scientific than legal.
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