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Hi my Brother has informed me that he has to attend court on the 3rd September as he failed a drug test at the side of the road last November. He cannot afford any legal representation but I am very worried about him attending alone. He was sadly three times over the legal limit so I feel that a ban is inevitable. However, I am really concerned that he will loose his job, his flat and with both of my parents in very ill health he will no longer be able to provide care for them. Is there anywhere I can turn to get him some free legal advice that may help reduce the consequences for him. Many thanks


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Yes, the duty solicitor at Court is free and would be happy to represent your brother.

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Thank you for getting back to me. We have never been in this situation before so not sure how it works. Is this something we need to arrange before hand to discuss the case? And if so how do I arrange this please?
Many thanks
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