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Following a serious crash recently after which I blew 0 on an alcohol breathalyser, a blood sample was taken from me and I await results. I had been using drugs the night before and taken a xanax which I now know to be dodgy / bad batch, to help me sleep. I remember nothing else and don’t know what the supposed xanax contained and therefore what will show in my blood. Is it acceptable to say I don’t remember anything, in my interview this weekend?
Drug driving is a strict liability offence. Therefore, if the blood tests show that you were over the legal limit then the offence is made out.

It is very difficult to advise you on what to say in your interview this weekend as it depends on what evidence the police have against you. If you think that you were over the legal limit and you will eventually plead guilty then you may wish to answer all of the questions the police put to you so that you are putting your version of events on record straightaway. In turn, if they ask you something that you don’t know then you will have to tell them that you don’t remember.

Before taking any of the above advice on face value, I would recommend contacting one of our team on 0333 009 3829 to discuss further.
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