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I was arrested on 17th December with cannabis and cocaine showing on the roadside test, I was taken to the station, had my bloods taken and then was released. I haven't heard anything back from them, with it coming up to the 6 month mark I was wondering what my position was and whether I would be likely to hear anything after this.

I am also moving and was wondering if I need to advise them of this or whether it would change when I told the DVLA, I don't want to miss any letters inbetween.

Thank you
Good morning,

Unfortunately most cases go quiet until the sixth or seventh month. There is still a strong chance they will make contact.

As to speaking to the police, I would personally set up a post redirect and let the police know about the address change at the six month point. As far as I know you are not under a duty to inform them of a change of address if you are not on police bail but you do need to inform the DVLA as it is an offence not to do so, but you already have that one covered.

Kind regards
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