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Good Evening,
I've just received a notice that I must go to court for testing 184ug of Benzoylecgonine whilst driving the day after a night out. I was not impaired to drive at the time and did not show any evidence of drugs or alcochol (tested 0.0 on alcohol). I did not know I had consumed cocaine the night before as it was a cigarette that had cocaine in it and I didn't know at the time. I'm very worried about this as if I lose my license I'll probably lose my job and flat and will have to return to my parents in my country where they can't afford to have me. Is there any way I can avoid driving disqualification?

It was after a rave in very small town and police station and there were over a hundred drivers arrested for drug driving during that night and the one before. Police officers had to do a really long shift as they were short of staff, could this be used in my deffense to claim that the test result is not right?
Thank you
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