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Drug driving charge


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Last night I was pulled over and drug tested and breathalised. When I saw the police lights I panicked knowing I had a very small amount of cocaine in my centre console in my panic and heist I ate the small amount.

Having never been pulled over I didn’t realise they do roadside drug testing and of course it came back positive. I was then taken to the station and blood tested. How do I fair in the basis that the cocaine was ingested after I was driving??
You can make an argument to suggest that you would not be over the legal limit had it not been for the drug being ingested after driving. This would be a defence. However, that has to be proven by you and cannot simply be raised as a defence. You will likely need to instruct an expert forensic toxicologist to assist with this. Without taking those steps, the automatic presumption that the level detected at the time of test was the level at the time of driving.


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Hi Sean, I have just received a court date as my Benzoylecgonine level was over showing 54mg with the legal limit being 50mg. It was over 2 hours from the time of being pulled over to the time my blood was actually taken. Where do you think I stand on a not guilty plea?