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I was pulled over last week, failed a roadside test for cannabis right on the 8 minute cut off point, and was subsequently arrested and taken in for a blood test.

I had only smoked a small amount several hours prior to this. However, as a regular smoker I suspect that I will also fail this test. The arresting officer made several comments that I appeared perfectly fit to drive although I am aware that the law purely concerns the level of substance in the blood, and as such don't have any grounds for dispute should this be the case.

I am about to graduate university with an engineering degree and am concerned that this will affect my employment prospects. I also currently work a driving job to support my family (partner and son) in the meantime. I have had no previous convictions, and immediately took action to kick my habit. My first question is whether there is possibility of these factors being taken into account, and if so what are the likely/possible outcomes?

My second question is which compounds will be tested for; I.e, are the checking for just THC or also its metabolic derivatives? This is mainly for my own purposes to try and assess the likelihood of the test results, I have done some research into half-life and metabolism rates etc and have found there is a large difference between THC and the associated compounds found within the body.

Your personal circumstances will certainly be listened to by the court but they will only have an impact so as to minimise any penalty as the court see fit. The minimum penalty for this offence is a 12 month ban and a fine. No amount of personal mitigation can avoid a disqualification where one is mandatory as set down in sentencing guidelines.

The analysis will be checking for THC only. Cannabis is not a drug where metabolites can be detected to justify a charge in the alternative to where THC is found.
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