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Hi Martin.
I was driving my friend car without insurance and I`ve been pull over 7th/09/20, coops smells cannabis, so they do swab test on me, which is come back positive, took me police station, done blood test, as I`m just received the court hearing letter(will be 22/04/21), now I know the test come back positive with 7 um/l. I`m not to sure, is there any point to chalange it, as I`m just guess they are not doing common mistakes with the testing process but I`m only guessing. I`m sure you will give me some advices about this as well. At the main time in oktober I had receiv a letter from the DVLA and ask me to do fit to drive test (i think the police let them know drug driving) which is happend in december(it was so slow about covid) and I`m just received the letter from DVLA at last week and, it say`s I`ll able to get back my licence once my bann is ended up, as I got banned at 1st of december till to 31st of May for earlier case no insured driving back in 04/20, so now I got all together 12 points, but the main thing I`m not able to driving since oktober, as I`m a HGV/Class 1 driver it`s real issue for me. So my question is any sance to ask the court to start my bann from oktober as I`m not able to drive since oktober, or they will banning me for another 12 months in april? or am I able to do anything to get back my licence earlier becose I`m just not able to work and now under covid restriction I can`t find any other job.
Many thanks.
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