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I was driving to work, running late.
I ended up doing 110mph on a 60mph road, over took one car (was a unmarked police car) and overtook one car on the hard shoulder with the hazards on.
He followed for for roughly 2 miles, pulled me over before I entered a village ! He stated that he’s going to do me for due care and attention !

It was 4:40 in the morning, no traffic on the road other than the unmarked car, weather was clear and dry! I have a clean licence! I need my licence to get to work, and pick my son up from his school! Any advice on what to do or what to expect
Good afternoon,

It very much seems like you will charged with Due Care or Dangerous Driving. If you accept the speed and allegations with regards to the driving, then the best you can do is mitigation (i.e. yourself or a lawyer explains to the Court your circumstances). It will be treated very seriously and I would definitely recommend instructing a lawyer.

Kind regards
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