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Driving With No Insurance, it's not that simple.

I was stopped by the police on 20/08/2015 for driving without insurance. I was shocked at the time because I knew that I had taken out insurance. The car was taken and impounded, on returning home and checking my policy details I found that I had 1 digit incorrect on the registration mark. I spoke to my insurer immediately who informed me that they still would have covered me in the event of an accident (as the other details of the vehicle were correct) and even though it was my fault as I had purchased the insurance online and keyed in the wrong digit. I have a letter to prove this from my insurer. They emailed me an amended certificate which I took to the Police station along with the old certificate and explained what had happened, that it was a totally honest mistake. They released the car back to me and I thought the matter had been resolved. Then on the 02/10/2015 I received a Postal Requisition which stated I would have to attend court for the charges of driving without insurance on 22/10/2015 or plead guilty by post. I am obviously worried about this, I have never broken the law in my life, and would never knowingly do so. This was a totally honest mistake, but the police have refused to back down and have told me that I drove without insurance which is illegal, simple. I am a carer for my partner full time, on an income of £60 a week. I am also on medication for high blood pressure, anxiety and depression and recently suffered the loss of a close family member which has hit me hard. This matter has caused me to lose a lot of sleep and rest, and so much stress on top of what I am dealing with at the moment. What I really need some advice with, is what I should plead and whether or not I should attend court and the likely outcome of this case. I do not have a letter of indemnity as it was my fault, I should have checked the paperwork closer when it arrived and I admit that. However, I have never committed any type of offence before, driving or otherwise and have been driving 10 years with not so much as a point on my license. It was a genuine mistake, and given the circumstances surrounding it and my personal life at the moment, I'm sure stress has played a part. If I put all of this information in a letter of mitigation would that be my best bet?
From the information you have provided you would have a full defence to the charge of driving without insurance, however some of the information you have posted seems contradictory. You say that your insurers state that they would have covered you had you been involved in an accident (and have written confirmation of this) but that you do not have a letter of indemnity. The letter you describe is exactly that, a letter confirming that your insurers would have indemnified you in the event of an accident. If your insurers are confirming that you would have been covered regardless of the mistake in the registration then you should attend Court with a copy of this letter. I would expect that the charge would be dropped by this stage although they may ask you to attend the local police station to verify the documents.
Ok, thanks so much for you reply. I've gotten a bit confused over the letter of indemnity. I assumed that if it was the insurers fault, i.e if I'd bought the insurance over the phone and told them the correct details and it was they who had incorrectly entered them that they would give me a letter in those cirumstances. But as it was myself who had entered the details incorrectly when I bought the insurance online that it was my fault and that as that registration wasn't insured at the time I was stopped, that I would have to plead guilty, albeit with mitigating circumstances. But they have confirmed they will send me a letter, indemnity was never mentioned on the phone. Would you recommend I confirm with them that they are sending me an actual letter of indemnity? If I have no letter then I guess I should plead guilty with mitigating circumstances. But if I have the letter then plead not guilty?
The letter they are describing sounds as though it will in fact be a letter of indemnity, however if you wish to confirm this for certain you can of course contact them. Even if the letter has not been received you should enter a not guilty plea at the hearing and explain that you are awaiting this letter from your insurers. The Court would then adjourn the case to a later date, likely for trial. If you then provide the documentation in the interim I would expect the prosecution to discontinue the case against you.
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