Driving while over the limit- court appearance on 18/04/2018


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I was stopped and charged for driving while above the limit on 30/03/2018 and due to appear in court on 18/04/2018. Breath by roadside was 84 and 90 at police station.I have been researching and gathering info. And advice regarding what sentencing I should expect. No doubt a driving ban starting from 16months,fine and or community service right? I have only come across this website and not sure I have enough time. I have learnt that a letter to the judge and/or a reference character letter would be of a significant help in reducing the ban or sentence in general. I have drafted a letter to the judge and my son's mum who I do not live with has also penned a character reference letter. At what point do I submit these documents? Can I just read them from my stand in court?I am not having a solicitor representation. Am I afforded a duty lawyer on the day. Is it a disadvantage to go it all alone?
This Is my first post here and depending on response I would like to post my plea letter is someone can tell me if it makes sense at all.

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If your reading was 90µg at the police station and 84µg at the roadside then you will have been charged on the basis of the lowest reading produced at the police station. The roadside reading is not evidential and cannot be realised upon at court. If your lowest reading at the station was 90µg then this will mean you will be sentenced in the third sentencing bracket meaning that a ban of between 23 and 28 months will be imposed alongside a community order. The court are unlikely to consider any references or letters until the hearing itself although there is no harm in sending those in advance and reading from a copy of your letter on the day. You may have a duty solicitor if available, however, it may be that a duty solicitor has a full list and is unable to accommodate you. I would recommend getting to court early and requesting a duty solicitor to give you the best chance of being allocated.
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Thank you very much. Its a shame I found this website too late. I did not send the letters in advance so I will have to get to the court well early and make sure they are handed to the judges. I know I would be nervous and would not be able to give a good speech when asked to, so like you said, I will just read a copy of my letter as it contains all I wanted to say. Tomorrow is the day. I will update the out come.
Thanks again.