Driving under influence of cannabis

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Please help me. I’m terrified. I was pulled over on New Year’s Eve and for cannabis. I failed the impairment test - my legs were shaking so much. They took a blood test. Terrified I’m going to prison. I’ve never been trouble before. I had smoked a couple but also had smoked some the day before so I’m scared it’s going to come back with my reading off the scale. I’m so scared, will I go to prison? I’m so stupid and have probably ruined my life, I don’t know what to do
The sentencing guidelines for this sort of offence do not indicate a level of excess that would lead to consideration of custody. The guidelines indicate a wider range of penalties available, the reading being just one factor taken into account. I would recommend that you discuss your case in more detail with a solicitor, both now and when you obtain a result. You can contact a specialist on 03330095538.
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