Driving ban with a foreign driving license

Good evening,
I have been banned from driving in UK for 18 months. my driving ban comes to the end soon, but this case is a bit more complicated. I was (am) an owner of foreign driving license (issued in EU country) which was not taken within my visit in the court. I will have to apply for a new one, but on the application form, I'm not sure which parts I have to complete. Normal part for renewing after being disqualified? This part does not require attaching my old driving license. I didn't receive a D27 form from DVLA, so I had to order an application form from website and I can't check my offence records on DVLA website, because NO UK driving license was obviously recorded and connected with my case. Will DVLA have any problems with creating a new driving license for me?
Ordinarily, for a non-GB licence holder, if you have surrendered your licence at court upon disqualification, the DVLA will simply return that to you after the ban. It appears that you did not surrender your licence. As long as the period of your ban has ended and you are not considered to be a high risk offender by the DVLA then you should be able to drive. The length of your ban indicates to me that you are not a high risk offender but you should check the above link and speak with the DVLA directly for clarification. There is no requirement to apply for a GB driving licence in your situation given that you hold a valid EU licence. You should speak with the DVLA for clarification as they will likely hold a driving record as a result of your conviction (as notified to them by the court). Given that you have an EU licence you cannot access this yourself online.
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