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Driving ban = Nightmare


New member
I was convicted of drink driving 3 years ago. I received a 2 year ban. And I can safley say it was the longest two years of my life. Many people take their cars for granted (including me) but you just dont realise how convenient they are until you have to go without one.

I was stuck relying on other people and public transport. What would have took 10 minutes in my own car now takes 20 or 30 on public transport or by the time i have phoned and arranged a lift with a friend or relative. Those who have been banned and have a spouse or partner that can drive, count your lucky stars!!

I will never ever get behind the wheel of a car with alcohol on board ever again!!


So many people think that they will be ok to just hop into the car and drive a short distance after a few alcoholic drinks. While they may feel that they will not put themselves or anybody else in danger there is a very real possibility that they might. Alcohol tends to make people over confident in a lot of cases. Yet so many people do it.

Even if there was no possibility of impairment and danger to either themselves or other road users (which would always be questionable anyway), the possible consequences if caught are just not worth the risk. Get a taxi, call a friend or relative for a lift, walk! Anything but drive! You will wish you did if you get caught!

It sounds like you wont be making the same mistake again Brenda.