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Driving ban in Spain, resident in UK, Malta driving licence


Earlier today I was banned from driving in Spain for 1 year and 1 day by a Spanish court/judge.

The papers clearly say the ban is for Spain.

I'm a resident in the UK and drive daily in London on a Maltese driving licence.

Can someone in the know kindly confirm whether I can continue to drive legally in the UK and anywhere else in the world, just not Spain?

I found this on a previous post but it's a few years old: http://www.forum.drinkdriving.org/have-you-been-caught-convicted-drink-driving/38066.htm#post44084

Much appreciate any information you can provide.


TTC Group
You are right that a ban in Spain is not a ban in England, or any other country.
you can use your Maltese driving licence in the uk, even though you are resident here, but when does it expire?


@price1367 many thanks for confirming my position. It's great to get clarity.

My current Maltese licence is valid till 2025.

Best wishes and thanks again.


TTC Group
You're welcome.
Your Maltese licence will be valid here until you are 70, or it expires, whichever is first.