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Hi everyone. I was advised at drink driving cause to send a D1 from the post office but Friday I contacted the dvla and they said I have to wait for a dr27 form and can’t fill in d1 form. They were sending it out on the 8 but today I called again and lady said they will send it 56 days before the band is over. Hy told hir I am HRO then she said they will send it out on the 12 of August so let’s see it is all so confusing.
Ring them, if it has not been posted to you.

Disqualification for drink or drug driving​

You can reapply for your provisional or full driving licence before your disqualification period ends.

DVLA will send you a D27 renewal form:

  • 56 days before your disqualification ends
  • 90 days before your disqualification ends if you’re a high risk offender
Fill in the form and send it to DVLA with the driving licence fee. You’ll be told if you need to send a new passport-style photo in the D27 renewal form.

If you do not get your renewal form in the post, you can get one from the Post Office.

To renew your licence for:

  • a car or motorcycle use form D1
  • a lorry or bus use form D2
You cannot drive until your disqualification period is over.
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