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I recently made the decision to drive home after a drink and a cannabis smoke. I was pulled over for being off centre on the road and blew 38 at the side of the road, which increased to 43 at the station. They took two specimens exactly one after the other. They have taken swabs and blood samples for the cannabis and say they will ensure the results are ready for my court date.

I have recently been a victim of domestic abuse within a 1.5 year relationship. There were many incidents but I only reported two to the police out of manipulation and fear, one which involved him breaking and entering into my address and assaulting me, the other was when I tried to leave and he wouldn't leave me alone after several requests, the officer offered to arrest him for harassment after listening to the abusive voicemails and emails. Again out of fear, I decided to go with a verbal warning as I was frightened he'd be released and be even more fuelled with rage.

I'm wondering what I can do in the meantime and whether evidencing the second paragraph in court will help my reduce my sentence? I contacted a specialist solicitor who stated the help would cost £1200 + VAT. My monthly income is £1700 and I can not really afford this payment. This is my first offence.

I understand I am in band 1 with the alcohol which will mean a 12-16 month ban but my mental and emotional state will surely be taken into consideration? I have the first document outlining the incident and am asking the police to send the second, which I have yet to receive.

Please advise me on the best course of action. I have a great job, I love travel and would hate for this to create barriers in life because of one silly decision I made after a year of hell. I am remorseful and realise I should never have made this decision. It could have ended up a lot worse and I'm grateful it didn't.
A reading of 43µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath will always lead to a disqualification (minimum of 12 months) upon entering a guilty plea. In the event that the specimen of blood is returned showing a level of THC (cannabis) more than the prescribed limit of 2µg of THC per 100ml of blood then this will increase the length of your ban.

Your personal circumstances will not avoid the ban but, if presented to the court in the right way, it can help to minimise your penalty. The cost of instructing the right legal expert can be expensive but there are many firms who offer representation. You should consider contacting different solicitors over the phone to find the right fit for you, both financially and in terms of expertise. You can contact a specialist to discuss your options on 03332009863.
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