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simon midgley

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I had an accident in my car the the other day when the police breathalysed me I read 42 I was injured so they took me to hospital before they did the dearrested me. at hospital they did a blood test which doc at hospital and even policeman that was a traffic officer said with the time taken in between accident etc I will be ok as my levels should have dropped to legal limits .so now waiting for results and decision whether I have to go to court . when I contacted my insurance company next day when I got out of hospital they said wont pay out which I find hard to accept what happened to innocent until proven guilty I know I did wrong I drank 2 pints I thought the insurance company would have had to wait until the blood test results before they made decision
Some insurance policies are written to allow the insurer the option to invalidate the policy where there is any evidence of alcohol surrounding an accident. The roadside reading could potentially be a factor in helping the insurers determine that. You will need to revisit the terms of your policy and potentially make an internal complaint in the event that you believe this to be unfair and not reflective of the policy.