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Drink Driving on May 20st


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I am seeking advice after I was caught drink driving on the 20th May in Derbyshire. I was breathalysed and had a final result of 81 micro grams. Also, I was charged with driving with no insurance and "twoc" as I was driving a friends car. I was at the time intending to return the vehicle to his home address from my home address (which is approximately 4 miles) and I was caught approximately a quarter of a mile away from his home. My friend has told me that he doesn't intend to press charges in regards to the "twoc" offence and has been required by the police to give a forthcoming statement tomorrow. Reasons for this are because I have simply made a huge life mistake and that our friendship and loyalty towards one another has lasted years.

I have no previous convictions at all in my life and this is my first ever offences. I have held a licence for over 5 years and without any motoring convictions until now. I am seeking advice on what is best to do before my court case on the 5th June and whether I really need a solicitor or not. Also, I would like to know what is the likely outcomes and sentences from the magistrates court. I already understand the fact that I will have a minimum 12 month driving ban, but any other fines and implications and advice would be greatly appreciated as I have never had to go through any of this at all.

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A reading of 81µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath means that any ban will start at 17 months and could be as high as 17 months. The potential additional offences will aggravate the penalty to the extent that the penalty may be towards the higher end of the bracket. Alongside a ban will be either a fine or a community order. An allegation of taking without consent will certainly aggravate the penalty. An early guilty plea and character references in support can help, together with focussed representation. You should contact a specialist to obtain more detailed advice and options regarding representation.


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Hi Sean

Based on your answer towards what I have done, would you expect then that it is likely that the ban could stretch more like to 2-3 years?

The person whose car I took is a close friend and has written a statement to the police wishing to not press charges for the twice offence. However does this still mean that I can be sentenced with that offence?

I did also read that these offences can land me in prison. I was also just wondering the likelihood of that happening.

Sorry to go on as many people are on here as well as myself I have never done anything like this before and I have no proper idea in what to expect

Kind regards
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