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I have been summoned to court on the 25 June as I was caught drink driving, blood results came back at 81.

I am Spanish living in the UK until the end of July and have an EU driving license. I don't speak English very well and not sure what the court process is like, do i need a solicitor? When convicted will my EU licence be taken away from me? I read that DVLA create a fake UK license where it stops me driving in UK.

Any help would be great
Thank you very much!

Martin Hammond

Good afternoon,

Taking a solicitor is always going to be advisable with such a high reading.

It isn't a fake licence that will be created it is just a record of the fact you are disqualified from driving here, but this shouldn't have any effect upon your European licence, but for more information you should contact the body that issued your driving licence in Spain.

I hope this helps

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