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Drink driving mental health


Crashed my car drink driving. Police then took me to hospital for a check up and bloods to be taken. They took bloods about 4 hours after my last drink and about 3 hours after being arrested. I blew nearly 90 on the roadside.

the reason I was driving is a dark one. I was going to kill myself as I have been struggling. I was going to go and throw myself into a river or drive into a river. Should I mention this

I was then told I was being dearrested before they left me in the hospital which confused me a tiny bit.

just wondering should I mention mental health of why I was driving? What is my blood alcohol likely to be (I know it will be over) and finally what conviction am I facing?

Martin Hammond

Hi. Firstly I hope you are ok. You seem to be going through it at the minute, perhaps go see your doctor?

Without a blood reading it is hard to say what the sentence will be as it will make a big difference.

This matter will be treated really seriously by the Court so you must take a solicitor one way or another, and he or she will be able to decide how much or little to tell the Court about the circumstances, but it will be something they need to know.

Above all, try not to worry about it too much, many many people have done the same as you and it probably wont be as bad as you imagine it to be.

Good luck.




sotry what part will be serious the crash or my mental health?
id assume both. They took the blood ages after my last drink so should be lower than at point of crash?

sorry I’m just panicking.


That’s okay I just wondered what was what. Thank you for your help. I am going to see a dr to help. I appreciate you taking the time.