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Study sponsored by Department of Transport looking for people who have been caught drink driving to take part in telephone interview. More details here.

Drink Driving Italy


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I am absolutely terrified and need some help

I am 31 year old female, with a wonderful life, career and prospects. I very stupidly drink drove in Italy last week and now need to face the reality of the situation.

I was stopped and breathalysed and found to be 3x over the limit (drove after a wedding). I wasn't arrested, nor really questioned. I filled in some forms and they took my driving license but I was able to go and collect it three days later but I flew home that day instead. Car was impounded but I was also allowed to go and collect this too.

I have found a lawyer and trying to

I have no idea what happens now? I am sure to be convicted, without doubt. I just want to understand the situation and the future ramifications of this.

Is there anywhere or anyone I can go to in the UK to help me with this?