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Drink Driving holding EU licence


Dear Sean
I have done biggest mistake I could. After having few drinks I offered myself to take my mate home...As a result was stopped and after failing on portable breathalyzer was taken to Police station where had a reading 62. Now I'm awaiting court decision which will be a ban, obviously.
My question, if you can answer it, will this ban have implications and inhibit me from driving in Europe? As I'm planning to go back.
Thank you in advance!
Also how likely is that judge will give me a low level community order or even a prison sentence. I had no criminal records, no points, 62μg ... Got two kids, wife is not working. In case judge offers me 3 day of rehabilitation course and I refuse to take it, will it be any aggravating circumstance?
Thank you once again.
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A reading of 62µg in breath will not put you at risk of a prison sentence but may mean you are considered for a community order. A fine is most likely alongside a ban.

If you have a driving licence from another EU country your ban will not stop you using that licence apart from in the UK during the course of your ban. If you rely on your UK licence (if that is your only valid licence) then you cannot drive anywhere during the course of the ban.