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My ex was caught drink driving last week. It is his first ever offence (he is in his 60's), he doesn't have a criminal record, he has a clean driving licence, and is a good person,he is ashamed of himself and extremely remorseful, he says he doesn't want a solicitor as he is admitting his guilt and will take whatever punishment he is given, but I feel he would benefit from some Legal advice to make sure is ready for the hearing. He doesn't earn a lot of money and I wondered whether we would be able to look at Legal Aid to help him. Any advice or help would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks.
Thank you so much for such a prompt response. If I am allowed to ask you another question, does that mean when he gets to court he will be assigned with a duty solicitor, or do we need to arrange this prior to attending? Thank you again for your help.
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