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Drink Driving help please.


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To Whom it may Concern.

Yesterday evening I was arrested for drink driving, at the station I blew 70. My court date is due on the 24th of July of this year. I would like some legal advice as to how to proceed.

In the interview at the police station this morning I was completely up front and honest and held my hands up, to which the police officer replied “refreshing, nice, and will certainly include that in my write up”

It is my first offence and have never been arrested. I am dedicated to my community through sponsorships in sports clubs and am vice captain of a cricket club. I am educated, self employed and have strong values and morals.

I am completely open to confessing I made an incredibly stupid mistake and one which will never be repeated after the harsh lesson of a night in jail, my first and only night.

My concern is based on sentencing. My family and I are paranoid at the moment regarding potential prison sentencing.

Please could you provide some information as to how I proceed, what I’m likely to expect and how to go about my day at court.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards.
A reading of 70µg would fall within the second of four sentencing brackets. The second bracket starts at 60µg and ends at 89µg. Therefore, you would fall towards the middle of the bracket.

This sentencing bracket carries a minimum driving disqualification of 17 months and can range up to 22 months. The Court would also impose either a Band C Fine OR a low level community order. If you enter a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity (your court appearance on the 24th July 2019) you can also receive up to one third reduction for an financial penalty imposed.

A reading of 70µg per 100ml of breath is not enough to warrant a custodial sentence if you have been charged with drink driving. Your personal background will also go some way to help minimise your penalty even further. As this is a first offence, you may also be eligible for the drink drive rehabilitation course. This would have the effect of reducing the driving disqualification by up to 25% if completed within the timeframes set by the Court.

Should you wish to discuss the circumstances of the offence in more detail, or wish to discuss how we can assist in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our motoring team on 0333 009 3829