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Drink driving charge


I have recently been arrested for drink driving. At the roadside I blew 61 so was promptly arrested. I was totally cooperative with the officers. At the police station I blew 50 and 51 so I was offered a blood test which I accepted. I was then bailed to return on the 6/6/13. I am aware I am facing a at least a 12 month ban and fine etc... I have no other convictions and a totally clean licence. To be honest I'm not a big drinker but do enjoy a joint(cannabis only) i have been told that this stays in your blood for a lot longer than alcohol even if you feel no effects. So my thinking is i will be hit with some sort of charge relating to that when my blood comes back as well. I really worried I'm gonna have the book thrown at me. I am 34 and have had my full licence for just under a year but had my prov for over ten. Any advice on this or information would be more than appreciated and would it be wise to hire a solicitor now.

Thanks for time
I would until receiving your blood results back from the police as this will give a clearer indication as to what the exact charges are. It may well be that the blood sample is only tested for alcohol and the cannabis in your system may not be discovered. It may be that the police also struggle to prove any impairment if no roadside test was done to assess this.

If you would like to discuss this when your blood results come back then please call my office on 0845 002 0736 and ask to speak to Alex.
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