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I have been charged with driving whilst over the prescribed limit.

I went out in my car after being at a funeral wake of my best friend, there we no other cars on the road, I hit a round about curb at 40, left the car and went home to get some tools to try and change the wheel. I returned to the vehicle and tried to drive it, I went round the. Wrong way on the same roundabout and then stopped once I exited the roundabout, and then got out the car, police turned up, I blew 74, and admitted everything, was very cooperative and remorseful. Am I looking at custodial sentence and do I need a solicitor?

Many thanks
If the only charge you face is one of driving with excess alcohol then a reading of your level would not be sufficient to warrant a prison/custodial sentence. Your reading means you are liable for a ban of between 17 and 22 months together with either a fine or community order. There is potentially much by way of mitigation that can be used to help minimise your penalty further. I would recommend directly contacting a Solicitor to discuss any options available by way of representation.
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