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Drink Driving Charge in Scotland


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Hi, I am a taxi driver. After work I got home and had an argument with my wife. I got out of home and drove to town shop to by some drink and food. Hour later police phoned me to go to police station for a chat about what happened at home. I was tired and scared of being held-up in the cell for the night. I parked my car on a secure car park and Decided to go to local pub for some drink. Then police phone me again to see them ASAP. I called a taxi and started drinking from the botle I bought earlier while I was waiting for taxi. I finished half a botle of vodka (350ml) before I arrived police station. But police suspect me I was drunk while driving half an hour ago. My blood sample taken and waiting for charge! How can I prove that I was not drinking at all at the time of driving. Obviously not as I was working all day as a taxi driver.

*There is no report of drink driving.
*No road traffic incident or no evidence of bad driving.
*Has no previous conviction.
* No previous charge of any drink related offence.
* Conviction will lead me loss of job.

What I am expecting next?


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Did the police see the half empty bottle when you got to the police station?
Have you got a receipt for buying the bottle that night, with a time and date on it?
If not, go back to the place you bought it and see who sold it to you with a view to getting a statement from them.
The taxi driver should be able to confirm that you were drinking whisky in the cab?.....But my experience is that they do not allow alcohol to be drunk in there during the journey.
What did your wife say when she phoned the police? If she said “we had an argument and he has left” then she should be able to say there was no sign that you had been drinking (although as your wife she would carry less weight as a witness) if she said “my husband has come home drunk and started throwing things about, now he has left” then this makes it far more difficult for you.

It is not for me to judge what you have said, that will be for the court, but I have to admit that when I read the circumstances my first reaction was “I don’t buy that.....”


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*Yes, I have a receipt I bought Vodka at 9:56 pm. After the argumwnt. Police saw me driving at 10:45 pm in their cctv when I was came out of a non licensed kebab shop where I was at about 10:05 pm (Driving distance).
* I went to my friend to pay the rent of my taxi that he owns where I borrow a botle of water and pour the drink in to the water botle. I gave him the empty botle to dispose. He is an eye witness.
* police asked my wife if I was drunk at the time of argument and she said "no."


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Hi Sajsip

Any real procecution without police actually catching driving would need to rely on witnesses and not entirely just one(but ensure your story adds up with CCTV) am not helpful just making sure of facts
By reading your post? might be wrong! Your wife's changed her recall of events, normally it's up to the defendant to prove otherwise in court once charged! with no actual real time evidence or statements you should be completely free, however since your work entirely relies on your income I would definitely consult a solicitor that deals with DD like the ones connected here
Be prepared to pay 3k+ however if convicted you will never hold a taxi licence for 10yrs and any other avenue's driving will be 3x that with annual insurance costs spread over 5yrs
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Thank you for your reply. Some time it is hard to prove the truth! But the truth always wins. My wife's statement is recorded and she clearly told police that I was not drunk that time. CCTv footage can also prove that. When police arrested me they never told me that they have any report of DD! Do you have any solicitor who can advice?


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I do not doubt your statement however since your work relies entirely on your income like mentioned get a good Scottish solicitor there's non that I would recommend unlike England sean joyce stephensons our Scottish counterpart was useless anyway and no longer lists his time which in some respects is good for real people requiring real help,
If your close to the Central belt just Google DD Solicitors Scotland get a few quotes and real advice .