Drink Driving and injured motor cyclist

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Driving home from a friend sometime last week after a couple of drinks.
I hit a motor cyclist injured "minor according" to police statements I stop attened
to imjured party and copperated giveing breath test both at road side and police station.
Breath test came in as 52/100 the least of all my readings.

Was adviced by duty solictor to offer no comments to all questions which I did
Sorry was arrested and stayed at her majesty's pleasure overnight and questioned
next morning.

After questioning was released and notified I will be charged via letter through at a later
No crimnal records
Clean drivers license
Feel really stupid I drove that night
I really fear ro my job, state of mind and recent cancer diagnosis/treament of which I am struggling
with the side effect this is that last thing I need as is complicating my recovery.

Can I get a custodian sentence for this
How long might my ban be and
How many point will I get on my license

Martin Hammond

It is very hard to say. You will certainly not get points, it will be a disqualification and a punishment but as to how severe the punishment will be it is hard to say without details of the prosecutions case and exact details of the injuries. If the injuries are minor, custody is unlikely but you are looking at a community punishment rather than a fine, together with a lengthy disqualification. It is the collision which makes it far more serious.

I hope this helps

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Thanks Matin when you say lengthy you mean more than 12 months? This will affect work as I leave rather rural.
Solicitors will be needed I guess I was going to plead guilty the injured 3rd party a complication no more drinking for me.
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