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Drink driving advice


New member
Hi there,

I have recently been caution with drink driving. I was driving home at the speed limit (30mph) when my front right tire punctured, causing me to lose control and hit a sign when approaching a roundabout. As I was 2 minutes from my home, I drove my car home carefully and parked it on the drive. I was then later arrested and breathilised at the station. I blew 86/89. I was then released the next day. Please could you give me any advice as to what might happen to me as this is the first time anything like this has happened and I'm scared and don't know why to expect.
Thank you


New member
Re: Drink driving adovce

Also it said something online that local journalists will be present in court when my case is to be heard.. so I will be in the local newspaper? Is this true?