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Drink Drive North.


On Saturday I started the DDR course with Drink Drive North.

It started with everyone arriving with their tails between their legs, but by the half way point everyone was joining in having a laugh at the situation! this comes after feeling like your the only one that’s ever made the mistake of driving drunk...

We all shared our stories and asked each other questions, I found this therapeutic in a way.

One this that. Was very apparent was you have people from all walks of life! There’s no judgement passed at all from people that blew 40 to 130+ we have all committed the same mistake.

Don’t get me wrong I’d rather be watching the football or down the pub but after reading the doom and gloom on here I think it’s very useful and if your given the option take the course!

DDN run 16 hours over 3 days 10:30 -5:30 this includes breaks of 1:30 hours.

I’ll poster after each session and let you know if my opinion changes!

Any questions at all ask and I’ll reply to what I can!