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Drink after work mistake


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On 09/05/09 I was charged for being in charge of a motor vehicle - alcohol level above limit with a reading of 98ug. I was travelling up a hill when i took my eyes off the road for 1-2s to look at my built in sat nav/bluetooth unit when on the brow of the hill a park car appeared in the road on passengers side. I steered to avoid it and as it was a narrow gap i crashed into the parked car on the drivers side. I was travelling about 25-30mph or less. I was on my way home after being to the pub after a stressful day at work.The police attended and then made the arrest and took me the station and breathalysed me. I drank 4pints of strong cider and didnt eat anything all day, which is totally out of character. I work in the motor industry and have been suspended with the likelyhood of losing my job.

I am due to appear in court 20/05/09. I have already pleaded guilty. What do you think my likely punishment for a first offence would be? Also as I admitted I was on my way home can they change the charge to DD?
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If you have been prosecuted for driving with excess alcohol, which you seem to suggest, then you should expect to receive a ban of between 23 - 28 months in respect of a first time offence. The ban is mandatory, although having an expert motoring lawyer in Court can mean the difference between a 28 month ban and a lesser one.

It is often possible to challenge excess alcohol cases where the procedure has not been followed correctly by the police at the police station. If you wanted us to advise you on this option then please do not hesitate to contact us as there may be grounds for you to reopen your guilty plea if you want to do so.