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DR10 insurance


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Our Motorhome insurance is in my wife’s name, and until the ban I was second named driver, but I did most of the driving. Am I right in thinking that getting added to her policy with my DR10 is going to be difficult/impossible? The MH insurance only has 2 years NCB as both me and wife used our full no claims on our cars. Am I going to need to get the MH insurance in my name with her as a second driver instead, which will mean starting from scratch with no NCD ? I’m worried this is going to be difficult, as MH policies are specialist (due to the contents of the van) and I can’t find a MH insurance company who allow DR10s. Has anyone any experience of this ?


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Can't say much more than speak to a broker - the kind who only has a phone, sounds like he smokes 40 a day, and has a black book with every person worth knowing in the insurance industry.