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Done for drink driving on new years day

Hello I got done for drink driving on New Year’s Day my reading was 63 and 59 I know they take the lowest into consideration I am a reliable and responsible lady never done anything like this it’s so out of character for me it’s my first offence only been driving 8 months I need my car for work as work from 7 in the morn till 11 at night not alway buses and taxis any cheap. I also suffer with bpd depression and anxiety and panic attacks I am on medication driving was helping my mental health and my well being can anybody advise 😀
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Drink driving is an offence that brings a mandatory driving disqualification with a minimum of 12 months. The reading you have produced (59µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath) is a reading that is at the high end of the sentencing bracket you fall in. This means that you will face a ban of between 12 and 16 months. Your personal circumstances can potentially help to minimise your penalty. Unfortunately, the lowest ban you can receive is 12 months. There is a possibility that you could be offered a drink driving rehabilitation course. That could reduce your ban by 25%.
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